Thursday, 13 May 2010

Journey's end?

After a sea journey, shore leave must have been a very tempting prospect. However, for the sailors of the Royal George, a privateer returning to Deptford in June 1758, it was snatched away at the last minute:
Yesterday, the Royal George privateer arrived at Deptford, from a cruize. Soon after, a press gang endeavoured to press the crew; but they made so stout a resistance, that the man of war’s boat was obliged to sheer off without them; but information being given, that the above privateer had searched several vessels in the streights of Gibraltar, which had the Plague on board, orders were sent down that they should immediately sail to Stangate Creek, and there perform quarantine.

1 comment:

Minnie said...

I imagine that in those days the typical sailors' daily diet would have been as much a health hazard as the occasional viral epidemic. But poor things, anyway: what a life.

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