Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Exploring Postman's Park

You may have noticed a new page link at the top of the right-hand column, called 'Postman's Park'. Older readers will remember that a while ago, I did a series of posts looking at the stories behind the plaques on the Watts Memorial. This tribute to 'ordinary heroes' is in Postman's Park, a small City of London park near St Paul's Cathedral, and contains a series of plaques each commemorating somebody who died while attempting to save others.

Most of the plaques are Victorian and Edwardian, although after a long hiatus the most recent plaque was added last year. They tell their tragic stories in a sentence; I wanted to find out a little more. The series was the product of that research.

The new page is a way of making that series more accessible. It lets you explore the plaques by theme, or find particular plaques using the index of names.


Minnie said...

Ah, I thought I noticed yesterday that you'd put up this new link - good!
As you know, I'm a fan of this series. Also knew the place well (from occasional snatched solitary lunchtimes in the City).
Thank you, Caroline.

Sam Roberts said...

Nice one, Postman's Park was one stop on the Type Tour I went on.

Daniele Middleton said...

I just wrote about the Postman's park at my blog. I love the work of George Frederick Watts....he's great. And his idea for the park is unique.

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