Friday, 27 August 2010

Random statue 10: Jehan de Beaumanoir

Jehan de Beaumanoir is best remembered for leading an emprise in the fourteenth century. Captain of Josselin, he was caught up in the War of Succession as a supporter of Charles de Blois. English supporters of John de Montfort, on the other side, held the neighbouring town of Ploermel. They reached a truce, apparently broken by English soldiers mistreating Breton peasants, so he challenged them to a chivalric combat.

De Beaumanoir and his thirty Bretons faced a mixed team of Englishmen, German mercenaries and just four Bretons. For all the mention of 'chivalry', it was pretty brutal: weapons included swords, spears and axes. Six of his men died, and nine of his opponents. However, de Beaumanoir won and his reputation was made. Today, his statue stands proudly surveying Dinan.

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