Monday, 20 September 2010

Open House/Open City

I managed to miss this year's Open House weekend, now renamed Open City. However, I'm making some virtual visits and thought I'd invite you along.

Let's start locally and whisk around Deptford with Crosswhatfields. Probably the biggest treat here is the Master Shipwright's House, so it's great to make an extended visit with the Deptford Dame.

Moving into the city centre, IanVisits took in both the Conservative Club in St James - fabulous High Victorian interior - and the Art Deco headquarters of London Underground. Meanwhile, Diamond Geezer has covered some of the outer areas - you didn't make it to Croydon? He did! Then Londonist offer us some quick glimpses of the highlights.

Finally, it's all very well looking around but what's it like to volunteer? Joanna of Westminster Walking takes us behind the scenes and shares her morning at the Linnean Society with us.

Image: Conservative Club interior by IanVisits.

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Minnie said...

Great post + links,Caroline - thank you.

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