Wednesday, 27 June 2012

ELL mural walk

Fond as I am of both the East London Line and murals, I'll be sorry to miss the London Mural Preservation Society's walk next Saturday 30 June. If you're in London, you might like to go along. 

The walk/ride begins at 11am at New Cross station and ends three hours later in Dalson Junction, with a pub stop along the way. It's led by the LMPS founder Ruth Miller and takes in more than ten murals including New Cross's Riders of the Apocalypse. For more details, contact


M@ said...

I'm going on it. I think it's actually starting at New Cross...the mural group put out conflicting info, so I queried and was told it's now New Cross to start.

CarolineLD said...

Many thanks, Matt - now amended! I hope you have a good time on the walk.

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