Saturday 9 August 2008

Brittany quiz

Try your hand at these questions, answers in a few days!
  1. Which four departments make up Brittany?
  2. No longer officially part of Brittany, this town is in fact its ancient capital. Where is it?
  3. On what day of the week are galettes traditionally eaten?
  4. How many local editions does the newspaper Ouest France publish: 8, 26 or 42?
  5. The hortensia is the emblematic flower of Brittany. What is its English name?
  6. Inland Brittany is referred to as Argoat, but the term literally means 'land of _______'
  7. Who was Mathurin Meheut, born in Lamballe: a writer, artist or composer?
  8. On Cap Frehel, you can find several landmarks including Fort La Latte and two _______ standing side by side.
  9. Which author, whose novels include Around the World in 80 Days, was born in Nantes?
  10. Which cartoon Gaul lived in a village near Erquy on Brittany's north coast?

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