Tuesday 16 December 2008

Ghost signs (7): a Bridgwater ghost sign

I spotted this ghost sign in Bridgwater town centre, right by the river. However, although I can make out individual words (Taylor - coal - salt - oil - cotton - cake), I can't really work out what sort of business was being advertised. Any suggestions?

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The Grim Reaper said...

I would have thought, being as you say 'right by the river' that it was wharfage. With the exception of cake, which judging by the photograph might have been part of a previous sign, the other items are heavy / bulk cargoes that would have travelled by water well into the 20th Century.

CarolineLD said...

That would make sense.
In the US context at least, 'cotton cake' can be animal feed - I've no idea if it was exported to England?

Sam Roberts said...

I'm inclined to agree with Bill, a type of warehouse. The listing out of products reminds me of the old boxes sign that's on the Regent's Canal and also the clothing and fabrics from Kentish Town way.

Peter Ashley said...

Bridgwater never ceases to amaze. From the wharves now choked with reeds on the River Parrett to the fact that Tony Richardson shot some of the London scenes for his wonderful film 'Tom Jones'in the Georgian street that's just around the corner from the concrete Castle House that Joe Strummer was instrumental in helping to save. And I got a very hefty parking ticket whilst I ran about taking it all in.

The Grim Reaper said...

Oh Dear, having quickly educated myself in the what, why and where of 'cotton cake' it is the residue of cotton seeds after the oil has been pressed from them.

It would probably have been produced in England from raw cotton imported from India.

CarolineLD said...

Yes, I never thought of Indian cotton but that would be more likely than imports from the US.
Peter, sorry to hear about the parking ticket! Castle House is something special, though.