Tuesday 23 December 2008

Postman's Park (19): G F Watts on tour

While I've been considering Watts as creator of the memorial in Postman's Park, he was of course best known as an artist. The Watts Gallery is currently closed for refurbishment, so its collection is on tour: see the exhibition G F Watts: Victorian Visionary at the Guildhall Art Gallery until late April.

I've not seen the exhibition yet - but there's a splendidly vitriolic review in The Times (click here). For example,
Everything that matters in art, every precious grace, every delicate touch and independent thought, every subtle nuance and lyrical turn, every brighter colour and every genuinely deep thought ...missed him out or avoided him.
Read it if you want an antidote to too much Christmas goodwill!

For a contrasting view of the exhibition, and of Watts, click here.
Practical information: exhibition open until 26 April 2009 at Guildhall Art Gallery, Guildhall Yard, London EC2P 2EJ; Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sunday 12-4pm. Admission £2.50, free on Fridays.

Image: G F Watts, Hope, from Wikimedia Commons.

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