Tuesday 10 February 2009

No charabancs!

This sign at Wookey Hole warns would-be travellers along the narrow lane to Easton.

A charabanc was a motor coach (and before that, a horse-drawn one), used for day trips. They were often open-sided and sometimes open-topped. However, they haven't been seen regularly on British roads for some decades, making the sign something of a survivor!


Adam said...

Interesting and perhaps still very true!

I've linked to your Postman's Park series from my blog today - the theme is a little similar!

CarolineLD said...

Thank you for the link - and what a fascinating post.

And yes, the road looks rather too narrow for a modern coach too!

Peter Ashley said...

Here's a charabanc story for you. Returning from a holiday in the Chilterns in August 1963 my mother pointed out a railway bridge in the distance. She remembered as a girl being in a charabanc that had gently slid into a ditch by the bridge. The next morning to recounting this we heard that The Great Train Robbery had taken place. By the very same bridge.