Friday 27 February 2009

Story of London

Good news for all lovers of London history - June will be dedicated to the city's past, with hundreds of special events.

Organisations including English Heritage, Open House and the BFI are involved, alongside the Museum of London, Horniman Museum, London Transport Museum, and hopefully local museums. There will even be a special 'London Poems on the Underground' booklet.

A few highlights include a walking weekend on 6-7 June; the 'living weekend' on 20-21 June which will see jousting at Eltham Palace and a Victorian country fair at Kenwood House; a river pageant on 20 June marking 500 years since Henry VIII became king; and the story of London in one day (6 and 7 June). Both the lecture series on 20-21 June and the Lives of Buildings events on 26-28 June look particularly promising.

There isn't a lot of detail online yet, so it's probably worth registering to be kept up to date. And keeping June free...

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