Tuesday 17 March 2009

Changing faces of fashion

As architectural fashions change, buildings in one style may find themselves making way for those in another. However, the transformation doesn't always require something as brutal as demolition. A recent post on Invisible Paris about buildings' pasts reminded me of this facade in Camberwell Green. There's no need for 'archaeology' to discover its previous existence, as the pre-Art Deco look of the building can still be spotted above the first floor or right next door!

It seems to have been the Changing Rooms fix of its day: fed up with that boring Victorian shopfront? Why not update it in an instant? There's no need for any structural change, just some characteristic geometric styling overlaid onto the first floor windows. As long as no one looks up further than that, we'll be fine...

Of course, there's another, later layer of change below, with the plate glass windows and modern shop front. This building is unlikely to stop evolving just yet.

1 comment:

Adam said...

That's a fascinating example. I wonder why they made such a minimal change.

As a general rule in the UK it's always a good idea to look up above the (identikit) shop fronts - although perhaps not too high as you say!