Monday 23 March 2009

News round-up (1)

Deptford featured in yesterday's New York Times as, surprise surprise, an up-and-coming area. In between recommending clubs, pubs and the Deptford Project cafe, the article managed to refer to the area as 'an inglorious corner of south-east London', 'unpolished', and 'London's Wild West'. Ah well, they're tapping into a very old tradition!


Adam said...

I don't know my corners of London very well, but when I hear Deptford I immediately think of Millwall football club. Is that accurate?

CarolineLD said...

Fairly - it's the local team, located New Cross/Surrey Quays, but pretty close to Deptford.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for the influx of American tourists!!

Funnily enough I noticed that Deptford X featured on a list of upcoming festivals in the latest issue of Craft magazine - listed among about a dozen other events, almost all of which were in the USA.