Monday 23 March 2009

News round-up (3)

Ready for British Tourism Week, the Mayor of London has announced Only in London, a campaign which focuses on the lesser-known, quirkier features the city has to offer. Already online is a list of 100 things which make London unique.

The Mayor's own suggested itinerary was rather predictable:

Only in London can you visit the historic Houses of Parliament in the morning, ride the London Eye in the afternoon, and see a wonderful West End Show before deciding which of the world’s cuisines to sample in its many restaurants.

The list is more inspiring and has taken care to include places most Londoners won't have visited (Eastbury Manor House, Himalaya Palace cinema) although there are too many obvious choices in there as well (St Paul's, the Tower of London, the British Museum). Less excusable is the duplication: number 24 is 'a show at the O2' but three entries later comes 'Michael Jackson in concert at the O2'. Nonetheless, have a look and you're sure to discover somewhere you haven't been before!

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Philip Wilkinson said...

There's another O2 entry further down the list, too. But, as you say, some good things. The list reminds me that I really must go to Southall, for both the cinema and the gurdwara, instead of taking the train through it.