Thursday, 23 April 2009

Five history activities online

1. Be a Bow Street Runner
Immerse yourself in eighteenth-century London and solve crime with this game, created to accompany the City of Vice television series. It's beautifully designed, and you get to search crime scenes, interact with characters, play tavern games and even perform an autopsy.

2. Identify the mystery objects
One of many activities on the Victoria and Albert Museum's website, this quiz asks you to guess what assorted objects found in Renaissance homes were used for. Earwax spoon or tongue scraper?

3. Guess where?
The answer's always in London - but whereabouts? This flickr group is a great way to test your knowledge of the city and discover new details.

4. Be a Victorian lady
This quiz is about not corsets, maids and calling cards but women's legal rights. Just how long did we have to wait for rights to vote, go to university, or get custody of children? Find out here! Then meet some real-life feminists in the National Portrait Gallery's 'votes for women' quiz. Try not to wince when it tries to 'engage youth' by describing Mary Wollstonecraft as 'one cool lady': concentrate on the lovely illustrations.

5. Create your Tudor portrait
Okay, it's based on the less-than-totally-accurate TV series, but fun all the same. Find your most regal photo and get started.


Adam said...

Good finds - very interesting sites!

CarolineLD said...

Thank you! I won't own up to how long I spent being a Bow Street Runner - it was research, honest.