Wednesday 8 April 2009

Postman's Park (45): further reading

My Postman's Park series has now come to an end, but if you want to read more about the memorial then here are a few suggestions.

First, John Price has recently published Postman's Park: G F Watts's Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice. This book is concerned with the history of the memorial itself and a thoughtful consideration of the purposes of such commemoration, rather than the individual stories. However, it does discuss Alice Ayres in some detail and has photographs and transcripts of all the plaques. A fascinating volume for £7.50 paperback.

Second, H Dagnall self-published Postman's Park and its Memorials in 1987. A smaller pamphlet illustrated with line-drawings, its emphasis is upon the individual stories and it includes a small amount of background for most of the plaques. I found my copy on abebooks.

Finally, Public Sculpture of the City of London by Philip Ward-Jackson contains a substantial section on Postman's Park - as well as impressive coverage of the rest of the square mile. This book is published by Liverpool University Press and costs £30.

Moving away from non-fiction, The London Tourist Guide is a poem inspired by, and effectively evoking the atmosphere of, the memorial. Read it on author Frustrated Poet's Not Waving But Drowning blog. And a film suggestion? It would have to be Closer, which begins and ends in Postman's Park.

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Adam said...

Thanks for the tips.

I don't remember this in Closer. Didn't it start in an aquarium?

CarolineLD said...

No - they went into the aquarium later. It started with a visit to hospital after one of the characters was hit by a car, and they went into Postman's Park on the way back.

Minnie said...

Good grief, I'd completely forgotten that element of 'Closer' - possibly because I thought the film was dire, I'm afraid (although I enjoyed the play). Am enjoying - and admiring! - the range of cultural references you offer, Caroline. Thank you!