Thursday, 14 May 2009

Art Deco delight

Now that spring is (intermittently) here, it's time to start thinking of the seaside. Nothing conjures up the golden age of glamour, sunshine and Agatha Christie mysteries better than a bit of art deco, and Pléneuf-Val-André on the Breton coast has a gem. La Rotonde casino was built in 1934 by architects Le Goullec et Petit. It replaced an obsolete Victorian original, and still provides gambling, a restaurant and a jaunty air to the sea front.


Adam said...

This is fantastic and in great condition. I hope you didn't lose your shirt inside though!

CarolineLD said...

No, I never made it to the gaming tables (just as well because I'm neither skilled nor lucky). I did go in the one-armed bandit room, but it was dark and full of grim-faced elderly women joylessly feeding in their centimes, so I made a quick escape!