Wednesday 3 June 2009

London history in a day - literally!

I recently posted some suggestions for exploring London's history in a day, but none are quite as comprehensive as the Museum of London's event this Saturday 6 June!

The Great Museum Marathon is
a never-before attempted feat of expertise and endurance! A tag team from Museum of London will perform the entire history of London from 1000 to 2009, in almost real time, starting at 10am and ending at 8.09 pm. At 10.30am we will be just about getting to the Normans. At one o'clock it'll be 1300 and the Late Middle Ages. The Great Fire breaks out at around 20 to 5 and London starts swinging at around quarter to eight. The performance will be non-stop and the baton will be handed on every 15 minutes to a fresh performer.
Free, at the Museum of London. Thanks to the marvellous IanVisits events calendar - visit it for selected highlights of Story of London (along with other events of interest).

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Anonymous said...

It sounds wonderful. Just sorry I am not in GB then or I would be there with a flask and my sandwiches