Monday 27 July 2009

Postman's Park (49): living portraits

This week, there's an opportunity to see people commemorated on the Watts Memorial given life by the Actors' Temple. Their production Postman's Park, in St Pancras Church Crypt, creates a 'fully immersive world of interaction ... The audience is rewarded by asking questions, overhearing conversations and finding dark corners where secrets are shared.' You meet ten people from the plaques, as well as Watts himself, in the atmospheric surroundings of the crypt.

Tickets are free; for times and booking details, click here.


Adam said...

What a great idea. London really does have some excellent events on historical and social themes. You would very rarely find this kind of performance in Paris.

mike d said...

Goodness me i wish i'd seen that. Just discovered Postman's Park today, and was very moved, esp. by the lad who saved his brother from the wheels of a carriage... "Mother I saved him but I could not save myself".