Tuesday 27 October 2009

Fiddling money

Various Deptford people found ways to accumulate fortunes in the eighteenth century. Shipbuilders, merchants and manufacturers might all amass large sums of money - but John Greenleaf's route to riches was rather more unusual.
A few days ago [in 1788] died at Deptford, John Greenleaf, commonly called Lord Greenleaf, a Fidler, who by playing of country dances at hoops, fairs, &c. had amassed a fortune of 3000 l. Upwards of 600 people attended his funeral. Few sons of Orpheus in higher life die so rich.

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Minnie said...

Missed this lovely quirky story in earlier trawls, so pleased to have found it. I love to hear of artists of any kind or level making a good living. May he rest in peaceful heavenly harmony!
There's definitely a book in there ...