Thursday 22 October 2009

Postman's Park (50): another new plaque?

Following the addition of a plaque commemorating Leigh Pitt to the Watts Memorial, another name has been put forward. The Rev Stephen Arkwright went on holiday to Southwold in 1965. While there, he saw a girl in difficulties in the sea and swam out to rescue her. Tragically, although she and another would-be rescuer were taken back to shore in by a passing dinghy, Rev Arkwright drowned.

Before his death, he had been working as an assistant librarian at Sion College. When Paula Flynn came across his story there, she launched a campaign to have his bravery commemorated in Postman's Park. She is also trying to find out more about the rescue.

It seems that the memorial has gained new momentum. More of its empty spaces may now be filled by stories of 'everyday heroism'.


Anonymous said...

This is great news, Caroline - and thank you for the ref to the post about Leigh Pitt, which I'd missed & probably wouldn't have seen. Blimey! Diocese of London does something right, shockhorror ;-)!
Seriously, it's a wonderful thing to do. And, yes, I'm also sure Watts would have approved. Everyday acts of heroism didn't just stop with the disuse of the site - they're still happening, and those left by the victims plus the rest of us do need commemoration and reminders.

Kain S said...

This is great news indeed - my wife, Jane Shaka (nee Michele) was the woman whom organised the Leigh Pitt plaque and is more than willing to assist others in these matters - we must upkeep such memorials and the persons involved acts of heroism must never be forgotten.