Thursday 29 October 2009

We are shadow

This fine sundial is on the facade of a building in Fournier Street, off Brick Lane. It has been a synagogue, a French church and a Methodist chapel, and is now a mosque. Until the late nineteenth century, the vaults were leased to brewers and wine merchants.

The inscription, 'umbra sumus', translates as 'we are shadow'.


RC said...

I think this building in Brick Lane encapsulates the demographic changes that have taken place in the East End in the last 300 years.

And I can't think of another building in London that has been used for worship by Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Adam said...

Interesting to see how one place of worship can be adopted by so many different creeds.

I love the inscription too.

CarolineLD said...

It's pretty special - and I love the way that the sundial has watched over it all.

Minnie said...

Fascinating. I knew of this building + the changes it underwent, as used to have a friend who lived nearby - glad of the reminder. Especially as, to my shame, I'd never even noticed that sundial ... Thank you.