Friday 23 October 2009

'Women Scare Me'

Patronising, sexist and sometimes disturbing: American advice to men on how to 'break in' women workers during World War II. After all, 'a foreman will always have the eternal feminine to contend with'.

(Bonus question: how long before Joe's wife cracks and stabs him with that paring knife?)

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Minnie said...

Grrr!Min in murderous vein ...
Yup, as you say, Caroline. Exactly.
[Bonus question: Molly has already had her name added to house deeds/share portfolio/policies + insisted on J taking out huge assurance policy. Then spread rumours about hanky panky (him) with workers (girls will be girls, etc). He then disappears, presumed dead after 7 years (only to return mutely, in a manner of speaking, when patio is dug up 50 years later). Molly meanwhile cashes in her chips & goes to divide her time between a beautiful estancia in Argentina + belle epoque flat in Buenos Aires, in high style + with the occasional polo-playing hunk.]
PS Via your blog, re-discovered The F-Word site - so belated thanks for that.