Monday 23 November 2009

Ghost signs (28): Montmartre

Paris isn't the richest hunting ground for ghost signs, but I've spotted a few in Montmartre. They're all pretty worn, a far cry from the freshly-restored Cadum baby a short distance away.

This sign is almost opposite the Moulin Rouge. It has not only faded but also suffered the further ignominy of someone replacing a strip of wall right down its centre! The lettering looks familiar but I can't place the brand - any ideas? (And as an irrelevant aside, just look how many chimney pots there are.)

Moving around the side of the Moulin Rouge onto rue Puget, there's a more legible sign advertising a cobbler. Unfortunately, A La Botte Blanche is no longer there - but its name lingers on; nameless but also still present is a second business advertised underneath, with references to painting, papers and maintenance products. Now, time is racing with taggers to make these traces disappear.

1 comment:

Minnie said...

Can't help on the brand, I'm afraid. Sad to see it go - surely someone, somewhere MUST know ...? Shame to see the standard graffiti encroaching on the second ghost sign.
Those chimneys ...amazing!