Thursday 19 November 2009

London, 1927 - in colour

This extraordinary film of London over 80 years ago was produced by Claude Friese-Green using his biocolour process. It was the last episode of a trip around Britain, filmed using alternate red and green filters. The frames of black-and-white film thus exposed were then stained red and green. The flickering this method caused has largely been removed by the BFI, but some red and green fringing is noticeable.

Look out for the variety of vehicles, the sheer number of traffic policemen, a soot-stained Nelson's Column and a very unappetising bag of peanuts! (Although I'm rather taken with the idea of counting them as a fruit.)


LostinManc said...

Absolutely amazing - the litter free streets look quite mesmerising!

Minnie said...

'The romance of London' indeed, Caroline - thank you so much for this post. I loved the tour, notably the busy, bustle of the Thames when London was a great port; the lack of high buildings dwarfing the Tower, etc., on the skyline, the relatively empty streets (with the exception of a crowded Petticoat Lane); those gracious Georgian terraces flanking Marble Arch: glorious.