Friday 11 December 2009

Brighton details

The Brighton Dome, part of the marvellous Royal Pavilion complex, was built as stabling and a riding hall. That's hard to believe today, not only because it was converted into a concert hall back in the 1860s but also because it's a sumptuous building in 'Indo-Saracenic' style. The Eurovision contest was held here the year Abba won, but the hall suffered from neglect for many years.

Happily, it was restored in 2002 and is back to its former glory. Even the side entrance has some lovely decorative details:


Minnie said...

One of my favourite places - thank you for the pix and background, Caroline. It's great to know such care is being taken to conserve the Dome.

Hels said...

Ages ago I knew the Brighton pavilion reasonably well, but had no idea about a stabling and riding hall.

That it should be a sumptuous building in an exotic style is not at all surprising. The pavilion itself is a riot of different styles, all exotic.

But that money would be poured into a stabling area is interesting. It suggests that more important people than grooms used the facility.

I must visit Brighton again,
many thanks.