Wednesday 2 December 2009


Journalism students from Goldsmiths College have set up a new local website, EastLondonLines, which aims to provide news coverage for the communities along the East London Line ready for its reopening next year.

They've already appeared in the Guardian, and it will be interesting to see how the project develops. The first hurdle facing them is providing coverage outside the academic term: the site needs to raise funding to cover staffing costs during the university holidays. A real introduction to the pressures of modern journalism!

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Minnie said...

Good luck to them! Fundraising next-to impossible in today's climate (unless any of them have access to bonus-wielding banker/s). Sounds as if they either need to aim for sponsorship or advertising (and any journo - or ex-journo - knows what's happening to the latter ...). As you say, this really is a dose of reality!