Monday 7 December 2009


On my way back from Cockpit Arts' open studios yesterday, I rather belatedly got around to photographing these plants which were 'tagged' with their names as part of the Deptford X festival.

Pink Posse, who are responsible for the work, comment that wildflowers 'tag' our walls and pavements. It's an interesting idea which really does capture the way some plants grow in the most random and apparently unwelcoming of urban spaces. They point out the similarities of the two forms - not least that both tend to be removed as unwanted - although I part company with them at the suggestion that tagging offers 'transformation' of the environment in a positive sense.

As well as looking out for the tagged plants around Deptford, you can browse them at your leisure on an interactive map. It's a nice reminder of how many different types of 'weed' there are, and of how much we fail to notice as we walk through town.

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Minnie said...

A terrific project, greening the city. Had never heard of tagwort (ragwort, yes - sadly [toxic for horses]), and here it is shown to advantage. Lovely pix.