Tuesday 22 December 2009

Weston Super Mare pier progress

When I revisited the Grand Pier on Sunday, the rebuilding appeared to be going well. Unfortunately, the weather was much too cold for a more considered photo so here's a quick snapshot.

The pier, badly damaged by fire in 2008, is due to reopen in the summer. It's great to see the structure taking shape - and you can follow progress on their website, blog, facebook page, or twitter feed!

Comparing the new structure to the old pier pictured below, you can already get a sense of how it's in the same spirit as its predecessor. However, it will offer some very 21st-century versions of traditional attractions, including fairground rides and a viewing tower.


Hels said...

could you put up an old photo from before the pier was burnt down? I love Victorian and Edwardian pleasure piers


CarolineLD said...

Happy to - I've added it to the post, although the pavilion was actually more recent, dating from the 1930s.