Sunday, 3 January 2010

Review of the year (2)

In the year Deptford was barely out of the press – from bad to worse to a bit better – here are ten alternative angles:
  1. After a principled MP resigned in 1888, a controversial election followed - in which a joke fell flat.
  2. Carrington House: history of a building.
  3. The darker side of the town: thief-takers, prison hulks and the watch house. On the brighter side, one wrongdoer got his just desserts.
  4. Dealing with an epidemic.
  5. The tragic story of a Tahitian’s visit to Deptford.
  6. Paynes Wharf, currently in development limbo. It’s a long way from the glory days of dockers’ perks and the Royal Victualling Yard with its astonishing wartime capacity.
  7. Deptford’s Beau Geste connection.
  8. Albury Street - don’t miss the further information in the comments.
  9. Deptford Mechanics’ Institution: the magnificently-named Olinthus Gregory and a night of practical geometry.
  10. Colin Blythe, a great Deptford cricketer.

To read more about Deptford, try these blogs:

There are old images of the town and plenty of information about Albury Street in Old Deptford History, while Bill Ellson also shares the town’s past at Deptford Misc. Deptford SE8ker has a good mixture of Deptford and London articles, A Room of One Zone shares various aspects of local life, and Transpontine includes information past and present on Deptford and New Cross. The best source for all things contemporary in SE8 is of course the Deptford Dame.

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