Friday, 22 January 2010

Victoria's mosaic maps

There are plenty of things to complain about in Victoria Station, but a few real pleasures too. I love to look at these wonderful tile maps with their fine mosaic headings, showing the routes once served by the London Brighton & South Coast Railway.

Much of the joy to be found is in the details. This map key evokes the leisure priorities of a different era:

Best of all is this little ferry ploughing its way down the map to France:


Marmoset said...

I never seem to use Victoria station so I haven't seen them, but they're real gems. Nice to see them.

SE8KER said...

I use Victoria quite a bit but haven't noticed these. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

"motor halt" is intriguing, anyone know what one of those is?

CarolineLD said...

Good question! Doing a bit of searching, the 'motor halts' on this map weere certainly halts (ie small, usually unstaffed stations). See for example Bingham Road Halt which is marked on the map.

However, that doesn't explain the 'motor halt' terminology. It does suggest people driving by in vintage cars, but presumably had some more precise meaning?