Tuesday 23 February 2010

Ghost signs (31): West Norwood

There are two large ghost signs visible on Norwood Road. Unfortunately, the first has been obscured by a hoarding: you have to stand underneath and peep up to see the full brand name.

Enough is visible around the edges of the modern interloper to get a good idea of how the brick ad looks: 'BRYMAY' in a yellow oval with 'safety matches' underneath. There are similar designs elsewhere.

Less obscured but more faded is an advert for 'Hovis bread, the world's best'. It's not easy to decipher the writing below, which following usual Hovis practice is extolling a local bakery. I have made out 'The Hygienic Bakery ?famous for pure Devonshire bread, catering & ... in all its ....' The idea of Devonshire bread as especially pure or desirable is not one I've come across before.


The Style Mansion said...

I've driven through here so many times and never noticed!

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Hi Caroline,
I've just published a post about hygienic bakeries. I hope you don't mind my linking to your post. I've got a picture of the Hovis sign but against the sun. I shall go back some day...
Thanks for sharing all those fascinating stories with us. All the best,


CarolineLD said...

I don't mind at all - I really enjoyed reading your post. There's something fascinating about these old bakeries!

jayceeiams said...

The Bryant May one is now visible! Has been so for the last month or so.

CarolineLD said...

Thank you jayceeiams, that's lovely news. I'll have to try to go along and photograph it again!