Monday 15 February 2010

London word a day

For this week only, Wordsmith's words of the day have a distinctly London theme. Each will be a London place which has also become a word.

Today's is 'billingsgate', meaning 'vulgar, abusive language'. Interestingly, the example of its usage is modern and American. I'm certainly more familiar with another expression which apparently owes its origin to the fish market - the idea of talking 'like a fishwife'.

Any ideas what the next four words might be?

Image: Old Billingsgate Market


Philip Wilkinson said...

Oh, crumbs: Clink, bedlam, hackney.
Er, barking? (Sorry.)

CarolineLD said...

All good suggestions (especially barking!). Today's choice is 'star chamber' though, which I found a little disappointing.

Philip Wilkinson said...

And now they have Fleet Street - is it really synonymous with the British newspaper industry any more? Maybe in America?

CarolineLD said...

'Grub Street' feels even more antiquated. There was something of a return to form for the last word, 'bedlam' - a pity they didn't use more of the words you suggested, Philip.