Monday 15 March 2010

Monday Miscellany

A bit of fun
If you want to idle away a few weekend minutes, try tubewhacking! About a million quizzes have asked us which tube station name doesn't contain any of the letters in 'mackerel', and the latest variant is 'badger',* but now you can quickly and easily test any word or phrase. Sticking to yesterday's theme, the only station without any of the letters in 'Thames tunnel' is Woodford.

A bit of progress
The work on Margaret McMillan Park has moved past the 'making big piles of mud' stage, and the 'new' park is taking shape.

A bit of excitement
There are only four days to go before the launch of the Ghost Signs archive. While we're waiting, the blog has plenty of videos to whet our appetites.

*St John's Wood and Pimlico respectively.

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