Sunday 2 May 2010

Ghost signs (34): Ladbroke Grove

This sign was clearly aimed at passengers heading into Ladbroke Grove tube station. Unfortunately, this is the best shot that can be obtained from the station itself, and the railway track gets in the way of the view at street level.

A few words are clearly legible, including 'offices', 'surveyors value...', possibly 'auctioneer', and the business name seems to be ?ALE & CAP?, but the angle makes this faded message even harder to read. Can anyone decipher any more?


MichaelH said...

Difficult! But after looking at it for quite a while, I think maybe the lines underneath read something like:
House & Estate Agents
Surveyors, Valuers

MichaelH said...

Oh,and of course "Auctioneers" above that as you said.

Sebastien Ardouin said...

Looking at the pictures I took from street level, here is what I can read:
Oldest Esta... [Established]
In The Neighbourhood
..ale & Capps [the first name could be Gale or .eale, the second Gapps ?]
House & Estate Agents
Surveyors & Valuers

Actually that wasn't the only sign there. Some more text can be seen below but it is hard to decipher. I may go back to it and post it on my blog at a later date.

Looking forward to your next post,


CarolineLD said...

Thank you - that's filled in a lot of gaps!