Monday, 3 May 2010

Tyntesfield (1)

One of the National Trust's more recent and high-profile acquisitions was the fabulous Tyntesfield, an eighteenth-century house transformed in the nineteenth century into a gothic revival mansion. (The money came from South American guano: deposits of bird poo used as fertiliser.)

The house remained in the Gibbs family until the death of Richard Gibbs, the second Baron Wraxall, in 2001. It was then to be sold: some of the auctioneers' labels are still on view. After a massive fundraising campaign, the Trust was able to purchase the house in 2002.

Tyntesfield is an ongoing conservation project, and the exterior is currently well-hidden inside a cage of scaffolding. However, visitors can explore the interior and admire not only the fabulous carving and furnishings but also the more humble domestic details. Here is a first selection of my photos.

Practical information
Tyntesfield, Wraxall, Bristol BS48 1NX
Open Saturday to Wednesday; admission £11. More details here.
Refreshments are available, but I'd advise against them!

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Deptford dame said...

Wow, that's got to go on the list of places to visit!