Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Man's Shop

Oxford is rich in old signs, and there's a lovely vintage feel to this one. The shop now offers contemporary as well as traditional menswear - but also gowns (academic of course, as well as guild and legal regalia) and uniforms. There's even a barber who'll give you a sharp new haircut to match that sharp new blazer.


Philip Wilkinson said...

Well, this takes me back. When Oxford University was doing its best to educate me, and when I had hair, I got it cut here and I remember this sign. As you may know, it draws on an old Oxford habit of abbreviating street names – High Street becomes 'The High', Turl Street 'The Turl', Cornmarket 'The Corn', and so on. An over-fondness for the definite article, but there's only one Turl and, with respect to MIssissippi, there's really only one Oxford.

CarolineLD said...

I think I went inside the shop once in my Oxford days, although I was always intrigued by some of the odder organisations whose buttons and ties were in the windows. However, being a woman, I had to go to a fancier salon and pay three times as much for a glorified short-back-and-sides. Not that I'm bitter!