Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Ghost signs (40): Brighton

Away from the tourist centre of the town, up in the London Road shopping area, are two ghost signs. The first has lost its left-hand strip, but is still fairly easy to decipher as 'W J Andrew, Family Grocer, Provision Merchant'. The location is a slightly awkward one, but the signwriter has carefully made sure that the message is fully visible from the Preston Circus junction.

The second sign is in a shop entrance, a palimpsest of two similar messages in rather different styles. The black lettering advertises 'E J Johnson, Afternoon Teas, Chops, Steaks, Mineral Waters'. Underneath, a fancier sign with a partially-legible name (my best guess is E J Keep) emblazoned across the middle, also boasts of 'Afternoon teas, light refreshments, minerals'. It was a tempting offer on a warm afternoon, but unfortunately the shop now sells printer supplies.


Minnie said...

Shame you couldn't have those refreshments!
I remember the area, Caroline - it doesn't seem to have changed a great deal, or at least not those buildings shown in your photos.
Did first degree @ UoSussex, & lived off the Lewes Road (Southover Street district), where most of the streets then looked much as those you've depicted. Now I bet they've changed ...
Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying your visit.

CarolineLD said...

I had a lovely day - always improved by spotting a few ghost signs!