Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Creekside art

Deptford Creek has produced its own artwork: this rather arresting-looking typewriter is among the washed-up objects now displayed outside the Creekside Centre. Contrast it with the deliberately-stranded blue willow china Sue Lawes has placed in the creek itself. Creekery is visible at low tide; these new offerings to the river aim to replace older material removed by mudlarkers. For the rest of this week, low tide falls in the middle of the day (more exact times are here).

If you can get to the Centre tomorrow (Thursday) then you can see the work of Mich Maroney, artist in residence. (She is also part of Childers Street open studios at the weekend.) Her watercolours are based around the idea of a mediaeval book of hours; their deceptively simple abstract forms draw you in with subtle colour and texture. She has also produced a book of Creek photographs, some of which are in her online diary.

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Anonymous said...

The typewriter is amazing. Great photo too. I work a lot with found objects in my art practice and, in fact, discovered a discarded car radio in similar condition on a recent residency:
All the best, Graham