Sunday 5 September 2010

From the archives: A Thames Tale

Last year, I 'serialised' a lovely story told in ceramic plaques on the Greenwich riverfront. I noted in the article that the website is no longer running. There's good news: the artist, Amanda Hinge, has now revived the website herself (view it here).

Amanda was a recent graduate when she produced this work in 2000, and spent much of the following decade teaching. However, she is now accepting commissions again so perhaps we'll see more of her work in the area!

We begin with a message in a cola can, and I've added links at the bottom to the later episodes.

On a brick wall down by the river at Greenwich is a lovely artwork: the illustrated Thames Tale by Amanda Hinge. As the Greenwich Phantom has pointed out, it's a little mysterious - all the more so since the website address on the wall no longer works - but very charming.

I'm off to Lille for the next few days, so while I'm gone the Thames Tale will unfold right here. This slight, whimsical story begins with a message in a cola can...

Read on: chapter two; chapter three; chapter four.

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