Thursday 30 December 2010

Ghost signs (44): and save money

Advertising hoardings are both a blessing and a curse for ghost sign enthusiasts. On the one hand, they cover and protect painted adverts which would otherwise fade and wear away. On the other, because they so often share a site, the new hoardings can obscure older brick ads.

Probably the most frustrating situation is where a new hoarding allows the edges of an older image to peek out from behind, a tantalising taste of what's hidden. That's what has happened to this sign in Lewisham: all that is visible is the final inducement. Choose whatever product, gain whatever advantages, 'and save money'!


Marmoset said...

Where is that one? I've never noticed it before.

CarolineLD said...

I'm sure it only appeared quite recently. It's on Rennel Street - walking from the station to the Lewisham Centre, it's at the back of the little car park you pass on the way. (Sorry, I'm terrible at giving directions!)

Regina Lusca said...

Not as bad as I am. A bit more of it is visible now, misidentified by me on Twitter as being on Loampit Vale: