Monday 6 December 2010


According to stereotype, Polish food is all about cabbage and potatoes. That may be unjust, but it's certainly true that they make delicious fillings for my favourite speciality, pierogi.

Often described as 'dumplings', pierogi are actually more similar to tortellini: a dough of flour and eggs is rolled out, cut into circles and stuffed with a variety of fillings.

When I made them with a friend (and under her tuition), we filled half with potato and cheese, half with cabbage. They are then boiled and can be eaten fresh or reheated by boiling or frying.

Pierogi are perfect for winter. They're a tasty comfort food, warming and substantial - and very satifying to make.


Deptford Dame said...

Wot, no recipe?! Oh go on, please!

Hels said...

Perfect for winter is right :)

But the name all depends on where your mum came from. In many parts of Eastern Europe they were called Kreplach, shaped and cooked exactly as you showed (except for the cheese part). Kreplach are also boiled and are added on top of clear chicken soup. Yummo

CarolineLD said...

Hels, I think kreplach is the Jewish name for a very similar thing.

How could I refuse, Dame? Here's the dough recipe:
1.5lbs flour (half plain, half strong white)
3 eggs
1 tbsp butter or marg
1 tsp salt
.5 pint warm water

Make a well in the flour and add eggs, butter and salt. Stir, then slowly add water until a dough is formed.
Knead the dough thoroughly, then roll very thinly. Cut circles with a glass, fill and pinch closed - make sure it's thoroughly sealed.

I don't have recipes for the fillings but one is mashed potato with grated cheese and fried onion; the other is boiled and shredded cabbage.