Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Guaranteed Quality

This uncovered shopfront on Greenwich High Road feels not so much historic as slightly nostalgic. Not for Player's No 6 themselves (I've never smoked them) but for the days when such advertising was the norm for newsagents' facades. It disappeared from view in the 1990s, but examples obviously still hide behind shiny plastic signage.


Chris Partridge said...

I smoked Players No6 at school, where they were popular because they were sold in affordable packs of ten. I don't feel nostalgic for them at all - they were awful.
But I do feel slightly nostalgic for the fagtree behind the bike shed (a hawthorn with a filter tip stuck on every thorn - very artistic).

CarolineLD said...

That's classy! We had no space behind the bike shed so had to sneak over to a local park.