Thursday 31 March 2011

Digital discoveries

One of the joys of researching history online is the sheer range of resources available. At two events today, I discovered two very different websites -both fascinating.

First came the launch of Connected Histories, an amazing resource which allows a single search across eleven different collections (with more to be added).* Its value is twofold: first, it is dedicated to British history between 1500 and 1900, meaning that the results are focused and relevant. Secondly, the range of sources - from Old Bailey Online to the Origins genealogy site - allows interesting connections to be made and shared.

There was a drastic change of scale for my next event, a talk by John Tingey on The Englishman Who Posted Himself. This entertaining lecture directed the audience to a website and Facebook page full of further information. They may lack the ambitious scope of Connected Histories but, if you enjoy Victorian eccentricity, they're well worth a visit!

* Some of the sites require a subscription in order to access the full record.

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caren said...

cool link. thanks!