Friday 27 May 2011

Wilton's Music Hall needs help!

It's only just over a month since I featured Wilton's Music Hall, but there have been further developments in their restoration plans. Unfortunately, these are not positive: a bid for lottery funding has been turned down. The Music Hall urgently needs to raise alternative funds so it can restore the fragile, decaying building or it will face closure in the autumn.

If Wilton's can't find the money then it doesn't just mean the loss of a successful arts venue in Tower Hamlets. It also risks the future of a rare and important piece of cultural history. Let's hope that the new fundraising campaign is successful; if you wish to donate, you can do so via their website or text "whmt18 £2" to 70070.


HughB said...

If you texted £2, would Wilton's receive the whole amount, or is there some sort of handling fee?

CarolineLD said...

They receive the whole amount, apparently: it's run by JustGiving and there's more info here.