Friday 10 June 2011

Ghost signs (55): the Loire

These wonderful photos were taken by Beth of oxo cube editorial and Londonist. The signs are near Saumur, in the Loire.

My favourite is the unusual Dubonnet advert above, with the name split over two lines and a fairly realistic image of the bottle. It seems to have been a later version of the brand's advertising, and perhaps the experiment wasn't a great success because variations on the classic blue design below remain more common.

Forvil was a popular hair product, the equivalent of Britain's Brylcreem. This advert still suggests you 'demand Forvil brilliantine', although it presumably draws less of a response among contemporary men.

On the sign below, you can just about make out the words 'machine a laver' underneath 'Lincoln'. It's a reminder that in France, Lincolns were household appliances rather than motorcars.

Finally, a brand as familiar in Britain as in France: Martini.

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