Thursday, 22 September 2011

Deptford X 2011

Deptford X begins tomorrow! This annual art festival has a full programme of exhibitions and events - and like all good festivals, even has its own fringe.

Outside the Birds Nest pub will be a contemporary version of the Deptford coat of arms; there's a special Deptford Biscuit depicting the Golden Hinde; while for all would-be insects, The Fly lets you move your silhouette over 'a pulsating flesh landscape'. Oversized bird feeders will appear in Sue Godfrey Nature Park and there are plenty of other shows including several using objects found around Deptford and its market. In the market itself, Douglas Way will get its new mural.

For all the details - and there really is a great deal more happening than I've mentioned - click here.

Image: 'expect nothing', Deptford X 2010

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