Monday 5 September 2011

Ghost signs (63): underneath the arches

This ghost sign in Morlaix, Brittany is pleasant but unremarkable in itself. However, its location is eye-catching: a little way in front of the nineteenth-century railway viaduct which dominates the town.

There are traces of an earlier sign showing through. At the bottom, the words chauffage central, zinguerie, plomberie are legible: central heating, pipe or zinc work, and plumbing.


Sebastien Ardouin said...

You're clearly having a nice time in Brittany Caroline. Just one remark, since Victoria didn't reign over France, wouldn't the Morlaix viaduct be better described as "Second Empire" rather "Victorian"? All the best,

CarolineLD said...

You're absolutely right - I thought of that as I tagged the post, and didn't include a 'Victorian' tag, but obviously forgot for the text itself! I'll amend it now.