Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Ghost signage

Ghost signs have been popping up regularly on the blog for as long as I've been writing it. Sixty-five posts and three years later, it seemed a good time to give them their own page, too. Here it is!

As well as an overview, background and further reading, the page lists signs by location and product type. It's something of a work in progress - in particular, I need to break down 'London' into smaller areas. I welcome any feedback!


Philip Wilkinson said...

Great! I'm pleased that bloggers are beginning to see the potential of Google's extra pages to do this kind of thing. To my mind it extends the interest of the blog and makes old posts more accessible, which is terrific. And it enables one to draw posts together in an organized way, as I've found with my 'round-up' pages on different architectural periods.

And it's good to meet some ghost signs I missed first time around, too. Thank you!

Mark and Marianne Egan said...

I want to know more about Beehive Clothing in England. Any leads?

HughB said...

Good idea to categorise the signs by product type as well as location!

CarolineLD said...

Thank you!

Mark and Marianne, I'm afraid I don't know any more; that sign is in Poole, if that's any help.

Sam Roberts (Ghostsigns) said...

Looks good, another way of doing a similar thing is through tagging, although that would require going back and retrospectively tagging each post with location and product information. It's painstaking work this archiving malarky!