Monday, 3 October 2011

Talking Walls

Brightly-coloured, hand-painted signs have been appearing around Deptford and New Cross, thanks to the Talking Walls project. Although they don't explicitly mention ghost signs, those involved say that they are "really inspired by the charm of traditional advertisements, half faded but still visible to the curious eye" and "aim to commemorate and preserve the dying industry of hand rendered sign writing". There is, of course, local ghost-sign inspiration for such an exercise.

The project was founded by Tessa Lawer, now working with Thomas Marriott. There are signs at Goldsmiths College, the Albany and Deptford Project - each by a different artist - and the website seems to promise more to come. Let's hope so, it's lovely to see this contemporary take on one of my favourite features of the urban landscape!


Sam Roberts (Ghostsigns) said...

Completely forgot about this until today so have stolen your idea and blogged it myself. Looks to be a really fun project.

helen said...

Great idea - love to see public art and people being creative!