Monday, 10 October 2011

That's London entertainment!

One of London's great assets is its specialist tour guides. For in-depth local knowledge, you can rely on those with badges from the City of London, Clerkenwell & Islington, Greenwich and Westminster schemes. (Indeed, two blogs I recommend on the right, Discovering London and Westminster Walking, are written by Westminster guides.)

Guides from all four areas are offering free walks this Saturday, with a 'That's Entertainment!' theme. Just turn up on the hour between 10am and 4pm (no need to book) and gain new insight into London on stage and screen.

Full details are here.


Minnie said...

Ah, too late ... but now I'm in London I should be able to catch up with both soon, I hope.
In the meantime thank you for the further reminder of these two excellent blogs.

CarolineLD said...

Welcome back to London!